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Adagio Water Features

Adagio manufactures some of the most stunning, high quality water features available.  Offering choices of slate color, metal, and basin shape, Adagio offers the customer the greatest freedom of choice, to create the ultimate water fountain that will be a treasured centerpiece for years to come.  These water features will bring beauty and tranquility of nature's sights and sounds into your home or office.  

The Adagiao Line of waterfall fountains includes the Cascade Springs, Inspriational Falls, Cottonwood Falls, Deep Creek Falls, Majestic River, Sunrise Springs, and Summit Falls.  The Adagio Collection is trully a stunning piece of art.

Adagio's wall hanging fountains have a bold presence that will make them the focal point in any setting.  As evidenced by the high quality of the materials they use as well as their exacting craftsmanship standards, they are commited to providing the world's finest, most unique, and best looking water features offered.  Bring one - or more - of these luxurious creations into your home in your choice of stainless steel or copper, with beautifully varied hues of slate imported directly from India. 

Any of the Adagio falls fountain collection can be customized with a company logo, family name or nick name. Custom sizes are also available. The images are first sandblasted into the stone then filled with an epoxy resin color of your choice.

Each falls comes with an impressive Three year limited warranty on all manufacture parts and a one year limited warranty on the electrical system.

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